Petersfield Academy of Dance


Costume List

Please click HERE for the link to see what's needed for the show.


  • Hair tied neatly in a classical bun with pins, hair net & hairspray/gel/mousse must be used. No donuts!
  • Apply make-up at home
  • Wear a top that opens (zip up hoodie) rather than a top that is tight to pull over the head - as this will smudge make-up & mess up neat & tidy hair.
  • Wear plain white pants (Grade 2 & below) or flesh/nude underwear - put them on at home!
  • Please do not use aerosols backstage.
  • Make sure all items of clothing/water bottles are named.
  • No food is allowed backstage.
  • Please be patient when dropping off & collecting your child, we have a lot of children to look after.
  • Please be patient when you are collecting from the tech/dress rehearsals, we may run over time as we may need to re-run dances for technical crew to sort out lighting, sound, quick costume changes or set.
  • Please make sure you sign out your child when you collect them. This applies to all children under the age of 16 years of age. Any child who does not have a signature next to their name will receive a telephone call - even if this is at 11pm! We want to be sure your child is safe & sound.
  • Saturday - Pupils are NOT ALLOWED to stay at the Festival Hall between shows.
  • Please be polite to all helpers & fellow performers.
  • Lastly - Remember to smile & enjoy your show.